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Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem

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Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem is a 2-D Adventure RPG made with custom graphics. It combines, mission-based story, crafting/synthesis, Trading Card Games and monster collecting to create a unique gaming experience. The main feature of the game is being able to MAKE YOUR OWN HEROES and send them out on Missions for great rewards!










The day that changes your life!

Welcome to an amazing world full of wonder and danger as your follow your dream of helping people with your own Monstructs Assistance Agency. But sadly, your grandpa, Oron has gone missing due to an arguement with three shady characters.


Now, while you’re helping everyone in need, you’re searching for clues to Oron’s whereabouts and to uncover his research on a new Monstruct.


All while avoiding those three dangerous Makers looking to use this information for themselves…







Build your Army!

You get to create 153 Monstructs from 9 different element Castes and four classes of Making difficulty.




Now that you’ve made some friends, send them out into the world to do good for others by completing missions. Some of which you have to guide them to victory!





Boss Battle that make you think!

Every Boss Battle will present you with a unique challenge that you’ll need to use observation and brains to beat.



The BEST part is there will be PvP in the Full game where you can battle other players!















DOWNLOAD ON ITCH!!                                  KAjo97.gif


OFFICIAL WEBSITE                   new-making2.gif?ssl=1&w=220



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