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Scroll, persist and change direction for choices/cursors.

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Hello! I would like to request plugins for an extra settings for choice and cursor! I used to request this in VX ACE but now I'm planning to use them in MV as well.

*Noted that I might use them in a commercial project so please tell me about your deal and permission.

1. Scrolling choice/cursor
- The cursor on the choice or anywhere (menu/item screen) will scroll from top to bottom (or bottom to top as well if possible)

2. Arrow lock
- Lock the directional button on the choice or anywhere (menu/item screen) so that you can only press confirm or cancel. This can be combined with the previous method to make an unmovable scrolling choice.

3. Persist Choice
- Return the choice highlighted to a specified choice no matter how much the player trying to choose another choice within a specified time. (e.g. The first choice is persisted and I want to choose the third choice. I have to move to the second choice and press a confirm button fast enough or else the choice highlighted will return to the first one.)

4. Direction Changing
- Change how the cursor works normally. For example, when I press Up, the cursor go Down instead. Setting the input at will is optional (press Z to move Up etc.). The minimum requirement is to inverse the cursor movement (especially during choice or item selection) from Up to Down whenever I want.

You can do some of them if you don't want to complete all requests! If someone is willing to help, I'd be really grateful! Thank you very much!

*I also included the demo for VX ACE if you would like to get the better idea on how they work.

*Credit to Black Mage from gdunlimited for 1.-3. and Marrend from RMN for 4. script in VX ACE.

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