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RPG VX Ace Game [under development]

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Here is a site for my game, with more info: http://liliandragonslayer.weebly.com/
Game Synopsis:
This game focuses on the journey of three characters:
Lili - a cleric accused of being a witch
Thief - Lili’s black cat
Soren - an egotistical noble Lili rescues.
Lili hates her country’s deity, “The Dragon”- and people. She isn’t heartless though. While journeying through the woods, Lili and her cat rescue Soren from a notorious bandit king. After the bandit is defeated, Soren explains that the man was possessed by a piece of The Dragon’s power. He further explains that the The Dragon’s most powerful adversary has fragmented said deity’s power. Why was he here? Soren reveals that he has the ability to sense pieces. He then tells her that by destroying someone hosting a piece, they have permanently destroyed a part of The Dragon. Seeing her become ecstatic at the news, Soren then asks her to journey with him to destroy the rest. He is surprised to find that she both readily believes him and lacks any skepticism for his information. Lili, Thief, and Soren then travel across the country seeking the other individuals who harbor a portion of The Dragon’s power. As the game progresses, the player is shown vague details of Lili’s past and why she hates The Dragon. They also sometimes encounter individuals who make them question what they’re doing. Soren and Lili grow closer as friends, to where the young man reveals to her why he wants to destroy The Dragon. After the last piece is eliminated, the party receives a heartbreaking revelation. Just how heartbreaking depends on Lili’s choices.
Main characters:
Lili, Thief, and Soren
Scripts and Systems: RPG Maker VX Ace + MMD for animated cut scenes + Yanfly's battle script
This game will feature turn based battle, with character sprites visible. Also lots of multiple choice and free roam decisions to effect the game experience.
Credits(at the top of my head):
Battle script - Yanfly
OST: ItsSnowingStars
Battle & Title Music: Kevin MacLeod
bugdaboss, Chaos X, Jared The Auditioner, Declan Mulligan, MC, ItsSnowingStars, Bowen Huntsman, Selenedrakant, AnimeFiendZer0, JLAB, Samwise, André-Luc Martinez, PrincessDevin302, eltaris, xUNCOOLx, Aya
SE: Youtube Audio Library (non-commercial listings) + MidiMaker
Image editing: Photoshop Elements 7 & Picmonkey.com
MMD Credits:
Soren - SuminoChan
Tda Male Tuxedo base - NephnaShine
TDA Male Hair Edit - NephnaShine
minor edits - Aya
Black Kitten model - kaahgome & AceYoen
Lily - 
Tda Bad Girl Miku by melissammeli
Eye texture by Xoriu
Edits - Aya
Phegor -
Tda Len Overals by HeyMisaki-chan
minor edits - Aya
Kimra - crazyskategurl
Snow Child
Minor edits - Aya
Phegor - Aya's edit of an edit
Len Tda edit - HeyMisaki-chan
Hair - Ni-chyP
VN Eye texture - Xoriu
---I posted what I immediately need in the request forum
I really want to recruit people for all the battlers I need ><

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I like this. I like this a lot. I honestly wasn't going to read the full synopsis because I was already intrigued by the characters. I'm glad I read it. Sounds like a very solid game!

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Thank you QAQ I'm really working my butt off on this project XD

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