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Shiness The Lightning Kingdom

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Steam Page: http://store.steampo...com/app/366640/


Gameplay Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=0alTkspA4zQ


Explore an Open World RPG, Video and Steam link up above, this game suppose to come out Dec 8, 2016 but the Steam Page now says Q1 2017.



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Honestly from the look of it, it doesn't really give me any feeling of specialty.


The character designs aren't that great, making me not want to play as any of them if I ever do play the game. The only characters' look I liked was Kayenne, but was still very bland in design. The animations for the characters in the gameplay video don't look impressive too much. I saw a lot of walking up to things and just that's that. The characters do nothing while something happens. And when I look at the menu screen, it looks way too generic for this new format many games are using for main menus. The menu isn't that bad actually, it just looks generic, note that I'm trying to be honest with my first look opinion. It reminds me of games like Dust an Elysian Tale, Time and Eternity, a lot of Tales games, even so, I'll say it does look better than most rpg main menus, such as the ones in the style of FF7, or the default RPG Maker menu.

For my examples of good main menus, Okami, Persona, Dark Souls, Skyrim, and the later FF games have really good menus, from 10 onward.


But don't get me wrong, the graphics are amazing! The environments look really cool and interesting, but considering how many games there are out there that are now getting graphics like this, and that graphics usually only impact the game for 20 minutes before you come to norms with the game, I can't defend it more than that.


The narrator for both trailers is very bland, and points out many features that are common between a lot of games... not catching at all.


But the voice acting is pretty good and clear on the other end.


If there is something I really like about this game, it would have to be the npcs and enemies. Their animations are really good from what I saw, and really match the great looking environment. But to say what looks not as great is the combat system, which is an action system and and rpg system. Reminds me of Soul Caliber fighting a lot... or even the Tales of the Abyss style of fighting, but without much strategy other than "use this super effective move against the enemy to win."


I also like the name of the game, Shiness, and how the magic is called "Shi", it's really fantasy like, in a way that I do enjoy the simplicity and creativity with it, though I wish the game dropped the "The Lightning Kingdom"... like what? Throughout the entire demo, there was no mention of a Lightning Kingdom, and what is this Lightning Kingdom? There was literally no mention of this "Lightning Kingdom" anytime at all, not even in the description of this game, and I'm still looking for it. I don't like it when games give meaningless or unimportant subtitles to their games, it just doesn't make any sense. Like "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" makes perfect sense of a title, cause a lot of important events in that game revolve around the Ocarina, and it's one of the most useful items in the game next to the master sword and the bow. Or every Atelier game, they have subtitles to tell about the main character, and define each game away from eachother. Dust, an Elysian Tale makes sense because it's the name of the character, but Dust on it's own means nothing really as to what kind of game it is, so Elysian tale adds the idea of it being a sort of fantasmical game. Or how about even every Call of Duty game? They all have titles that are very relative to the main plot and series of game that defines them. Modern Warfare is modern warfare with all it's own lore. Black Ops is you being the Black Operatives in getting the f***ing numbers out of your head. And Ghosts is actually pretty fun and realistic, and has great meaning with the plot as you become a ghost. On the other hand...


Ones that don't make sense are every Lego game ever, putting "THE VIDEOGAME" after every god damn title. And Tomb Raider: UNDERWORLD (Isn't she always in the underworld underground?". And Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (so injustice?). Battlefield 2: HARDLINE (what the hell is a hardline? I checked and has little to do with the game whatsoever). Beyond the Beyond (Does anyone know this game?). And pretty much every RPG Maker game with any sort of subtitle whatsoever... I'm not going to point any fingers because I'm a ghost, I don't have fingers, and if I did, I may point at some games on this website.


Game titles are important, simple words or ideas are best unless if you have multiple games in the lineup, like as easy as Megaman, Mm 2, Mm3, MmX, Mm whatever. It's a well respected name because it's easy to remember, Shiness is an easy word to remember, but after it comes "The Lightning Kingdom" which has no apparent value to being there. Examples of good names that work great are Mass Effect, Dead Space, The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Persona, Bayonetta, Call of Duty, Outlast, Minecraft, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Slender, I'm just reading games off my pc and game shelf at this point, Pokemon, Cave Story, Undertale, Okami, Borderlands, League of Legends, Amnesia "The Dark Descent" (oh hey look, a subtitle that actually makes sense), Five Nights at Freddy's, Half Life, Portal... you get the idea. None of these titles have anything complex to their names, and they are memorable. Just throw a 2 or a III at the end of your game and you're fine... except for the first game, always remember to never let the people buying your game that you're going to make sequels even before they buy your game, just leave it as it is.


So, I'm not really interested in this game. Yeah...

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28418-wonder-s-war-3853f.jpgok so like maybe I'm going backwards in development by improving everything to be custom.
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