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  • Let there be ICONS!!!
    Let there be ICONS!!!
    can i take this for commercially Projects? Its verry Awesome! commercially
  • 5 Phoenix Fox
    5 Phoenix Fox
    Hey Is It Ok to use this stuff for a Pay to play game
  • Crystal Dragon 2
    Crystal Dragon 2
    I really love your dragons. I'm new to this world of game making and I have a long way to go before I'm any good. I hope some day I can make it at the top of the game making world. Like I said I li...
  • Zihark_Artwork_(FE10).png
    Okay, is this one really legal for commercial use? Nintendo has been known to be jerks to fans occasionally, and I absolutely love Radiant Dawn.
  • Odin
    Absolutely allowed! Just give me a shout out in credits and link me to what you use it for because I'd love to see it! I also recommend checking out stuff from here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb....

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