RPGVX is the second latest edition in the RPG Maker series (the latest being RPG Makre VX Ace). Based on RPG Maker XP, this new version has been redesigned with ease of use in mind while maintaining the best features from previous versions and a change in graphical style.

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New Character Properties with Calls

This script adds additional properties from the Sprite class to Game_Character such as angle, color, mirror, tone, zoom_x, and zoom_y. For this version, I also combined my Event Angle/Color/Mirror/Tone/Zoom add-ons and my script calls with this scrip...

By Punk

Change Character Opacity in Frames

This allows game creators to change the opacity of character sprites to a certain amount in a set number of frames....

By Punk

Switchless Common Events

Remember how in RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, you didn't need to rely on switches in order for your common events to run on parallel process and autorun? Well, it's back. This script lets you set which common events are going to run in either pa...

By Punk

OmegaX Zelda Hearts system

I am quite sure there might be a bug or two, I wasn't thinking much and just rushed into it XD. Do report anything here:http://www.omegadev.biz/rgss2-vx-f19/omegax-zelda-hearts-t14.htm. This system is specifically for your Zelda fan games, anyway, re...

By Omegas7

Animated Battlers VX

This system allows you to convert your default battlesystem into a sideview battlesystem using actual 'battlers' rather than charset graphics....


Mapping Villages

This tutorial will show you how you can make a simple village, with the blocky RTP tileset.


Eventing a Fish System

I thought I would go with something a bit basic.. fishing! Since I include a fishing system in my upcoming VX game I thought I'd let you guys know how to make one too if you don't know. :3


Eventing a Stable System

This tutorial will show you how to make a Stable System, so you can buy to have a horse in your party or drop it off, simply with one variable and a few conditional branches. Good for farm games


Changing the Game Font

This is a tutorial that all scripters should already know how to do, change the font. This tutorial is for beginners who don't really like the original font set for their game.



Kiel sprite that was made on rpg vx ace lite

By Mcshabarang Campbell in Character Sprites


I need help. I had the full game of RPG Maker VX, but something happened and it made my game freeze (I dunno how). So I decided to restore my laptop, but now it seems I'm back to the trial version of the game and I can't seem to go back to the normal game ...



Everytime I try fighting a normal enemy I get this error code, yet when I tested it in a boss battle against a boss I created, I didn't get it, what's wrong? ...


[VX] Requesting actor inventory script

I have been using tomoakys tactical battle system srpg2. The link below has a thread on the script. I am requesting help to get a script compatible with tomoakys srpg2 where each actor has a separate inventory. The link below does mention a compatible script that does this if you use the patch they ...


RPG Maker VX Frequently Asked Questions

[b] General Questions[/b] [b] I have installed RPG MAKER VX, but it won't start.[/b] Aside from installing the software itself, you must install "RPG MAKER VX RTP", which contains data necessary to create games using RPG MAKER VX. Install it by choosing "RPG MAKER VX RTP" f...



Publisher Enterbrain
Year 2008
Frame rate 60
Screen Resolution 544px x 416px
Commercial Games Yes
Supported Graphics .PNG (32-bit color (alpha channel)), JPG
Supported Audio .OGG, .WMA, .MP3, .MID and .WAV
Supported Movies .OGV
Data encryption Yes
Extendable Programming Language Ruby + default classes (RGSS2)

Minimum System Requirements

OS Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista (64-bit OS is NOT supported)
CPU PC with 1.0GHz Intel® Pentium® III equivalent or higher processor
RAM At least 256MB of system RAM
HDD 100MB available hard disk space
Other 1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution

Recommended System Requirements

OS Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (64-bit OS is NOT supported)
CPU PC with 2.0GHz Intel® Pentium®4 equivalent or higher processor
RAM At least 512MB of system RAM



RMVX comes with 74 beautiful battler illustrations. Although notably left out are playable character battlers. Instead, facegraphics are used in the default battle system. The characters are chibi-style and RMVX comes with 48 character images, most of which contain 8 characters per image file.

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A Highly Productive Editor

The user interface has been refined, allowing you to intuitively create games with the minimum amount of work. Most of the features have been designed to feel similar to RPG Maker 2000. In addition, some major changes have been made to the map editor, and by taking advantage of features like automatic border generation it is now possible to quickly create maps that match your intended design without having to worry about layers

Smooth Graphics

It is possible to use 32-bit color images with a resolution of 544×416. Although the screen size is a bit smaller than that used in RPG Maker XP, it is appropriate when you consider the aspect ratios of the characters and maps. The frame rate is now 60 frames per second and scrolling is very smooth. Alpha-channel is now fully supported, which enables smooth transparency effects.

Software-Based Music

The background music primarily consists of MIDI music using DirectMusic Synthesizer. Creators of music resources do not have to worry about compatibility with a large number of MIDI sources. You can expect MIDI files that play back normally in the creator's environment to play back in exactly the same way in all environments. In addition, RPGVX now supports Ogg Vorbis streaming. By embedding certain text strings as comments, you can even loop in the middle of a song, making it possible to create games with intricate soundtracks.

A Refined Scripting System

Games created with RPGVX use the Ruby scripting language. Although it is possible to create very enjoyable games using nothing but the provided scripts, it is also possible to customize nearly every element of the game, from the screen design to the combat system. This scripting system, called RGSS, is now in version 2 and has had a number of new features and improvements added to it. The preset scripts have been significantly redesigned to follow a logical structure and have been changed so that conflicts are less likely to occur when using scripts to create your games. For more information, see RGSS Specifications: Differences from the Previous Version.