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  • Looks nice! can't wait to see what comes out of this new project

    2nd June 2017 by Yokutoo on n0n0 Model

  • Instant load is always pretty good! It goes pretty smoothly. Though Prophet Sword 1? Is there going to be a series?

    22nd May 2017 by Ardaceus on Prophet Sword's ingame loading.

  • *Animations (Like putting character sprites on a map that play an animation when selected) *Sounds (Like clicks when moving, bgm, flying sounds, etc...) *Party Info (Just a cool little things s...

    4th May 2017 by Ardaceus on Fast Travel Feature

  • Nice! I'm impressed that this was all done by eventing. That's a lot of thought put into a system... I always tend to do the most uninteresting things. Y'all are innovative as hell here on...

    23rd April 2017 by Aaron N. on Prophet Sword - Skill Point Demonstration

  • There ya go.

    30th April 2017 by Ardaceus on does anyone know where i could get Siege weapons for RPG MV?

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