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Inspiration from a Play

So I haven't done a blog for 1 or 2 days now, I've not had anything to report extravagantly about my game. Except if you want to hear about my many placings of trees and spoilers for bosses in the game, then something is wrong. I've gotten good at creating the forest I'm working on, and I'm able to go at incredible speeds, though I'm not incorporating any puzzles yet, I do have this cool feature where you do better in the game for the more exploring you do within the environments placed in the game. So if you want to do good in this game, you do need to explore a lot.

Things I hope to get in sometime are a system of good trades for money, crafting system, and an alchemy system. I give the player the options of either using their found goods to either sell for credits, which can be used to buy goods, or to have the player craft their items using loot, which takes longer, but is more cash effective. I also have ideas for cities to make, like a gambling city, a trade city (which is almost complete), a city of knowledge in this world... I think I'm giving away too much.

But to the topic, I just came back from watching a play for "The Sound of Music", and it was outstanding for the budget and cast available. I thought about the play, and I was inspired for some of the characters in my story, I now want to change a few things that would make Wonder's war an amazing experience. It doesn't have to do with singing (o god no singing... except for one part), but more of some of the minor villains. For there are a lot of minor villains who try to throw a monkey wrench in your plans to end the war. I also want to incorporate some comedy into my game, and the actors of the play made some really funny jokes that I would like to put in it. But other than that, not much else.

Well, it's finally the weekend for me, and I can finally use 12 hours tomorrow to work on my game, and it's going to be great! Like I'm going to be laying in bed wearing a bath robe with slippers on my ghostly body, eating scoops and drinking root beer like a pro, crank open a window and play some zen music to just relax. I love Caturday! *grin*

Ardi out.

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1 on 1 : A Medabot Fan Game


A no name town in a no name country, a young Cousin of Ikki Tenryou , gets his first Medabot from Ikki as a gift, Ikki then tells him that to be a good Medafighter he has to get a many parts as he can so he will always be able to adapt to any situation that may arise. After thinking on it for a while our young medafighter decides to get the Mead Jun k yard and robattle the bots there for practice and to see if he can get any half way decent parts. After a long day of Robattling, he is on his way home. while distracted by the medaparts he gained that day , he takes a wrong turn and ends up in the “wrong “ side of town , a local gang groups up and manages to get all but one of his new medaparts. After returning home he tells Ikki of what happened, and is told that he did very well to get away with what he did. And that perhaps if he is more careful he will be able to get enough parts together to enter into the juniors Medabot tourney that is starting in a few weeks. And he tells him that the main prize is a custom built Alpha Line Medabot. He then gifts our young Hero with a new medapart.Our Hero fights many battles over the next few weeks , winning some …losing some, but gaining enough confidence to attempt to qualify at the tourney.

Intro Game to a planned 3 part game titles as follows

1 on 1 :Medabot Fan Game ( intro game)
Medabots: Alpha Line ( 1st real game, deviates from Cannon story)
Medabots: The Omega Medal (Final chapter of Ikki’s Cousins’ life as a Medafighter)


  • Combat from the Medabot point of View ( see video for a rough ideal of what I mean)
  • Gain or lose Medaparts from Robattles.
  • Icon based Visual equip system
  • Blitz Skills( bonus dmg/effects)
  • Proficiency Bonus( Dmg boosts) from using a Weapon type more than others
  • 20+ Different Medabot and all there parts

[*] Please note , this video is not the final (not even close in fact) version of this game, it is merely something to give you a slight ideal as to what i mean about the combat system point of view , and even then i still have finished the combat hud that makes it look like you are looking out of the medabots eyes.I will be posting updated videos every couple of days as i add more of the final content into the game.This video also does not have the icon nor tile-set i am going to be using in it , it is still using the RTP stuff , so please remember that when watching this video.

Youtube Video

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Am I the only one?

Am I like, the only one on the planet to not start out with something simple for a first game? My project is going to take a long time to build, and I'm just one person working on it. If I get recommendations to start a new game for something small, I'll probably not take it. So is there anyone else that things big for their first time making a game? [attachment=1818:Wonder.png]

Ardi out.

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Hobo-A Urban Survival Simulation(Take it if you want it/Feed Back on Ideal Requested)


This is a game concept/ideal that I have, but due to my lack of ability (for now) in RGSS3, I had to shelf the Ideal. I would at some point like to pick it back up, but if anyone else wants it they can have it. Just let me know that you are going to use the ideal, so I can mark it as used. I had planned to make the game in RPG Maker VX Ace.


Game Title:


Hobo-An Urban Survival Simulation

Genre: Survival Simulation/Realistic Sim

Theme: Urban

Players: Single Player

Project: Indie

Platform: RPG Maker VX Ace

Release Date: TBD [Shelved]

Game Company: [B.F.] Brain Fade Studios



How well could you survive the urban wilderness that only the homeless among us know about, how long can you survive, and can you overcome the obstacles that are in every Homeless person’s way to get back on their feet?


Short Storyline:

You play a person (we will say he but maybe not), who by a twist of fate, Lost everything on a bad investment. By everything I do mean everything, his house, car, wife, job, money...everything. You play as him as he discovers that there are people still worse off than himself and he figures out how to survive the Hobo world that he has suddenly found himself in.Choose to be a villain of the hobo community, beating up other hobos and stealing from them, or choose to go the good path and share and help others, the choice is up to you while you are trying to get back on your feet.




Planned Features:

Multiple Job Options- Be a fast food worker, city employee, salesman, day laborer, etc., etc.

Reputation System-Build your reputation with other hobos, with the city employees, with pretty much anyone, you never know when knowing the right person might give you the leg up.

Needs/Body Care System- keeps track of many things, such as hunger, tiredness, thirst, body odor, facial hair (the need to shave) How clean your cloths are, when you need to shower, etc. There will be penalties/bonuses for what each value is at in game.

Tactical Object Based Combat-a tactical combat system that focuses on items for actual combat, there will be basic melee attacks as well.


Most of this is available in one format or the other on many different sites as scripts or tuts on how to do something, but the one thing hat made me decide to shelf it was my lack of RGSS3 skills, I couldn’t code a needs system that was that advanced. Like I said if anyone wants it, please feel free, if no one does, then any advice on how to improve it would be greatly appreciated.



On a side note:

I originally chose the theme of homelessness, because I know about homelessness, being homeless myself a couple of times in my life. I wanted to bring to light in a semi funny way, the issues that many homeless people face in the struggle to get back on their feet. I did not intend for this game to make fun of the homeless or any such thing (yes a friend of mine accused me of that when I was talking about the ideal at one point)



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Let's Discuss!

Heya everybody!!!

I haven't made any new topics recently :o Anyway...

We're all surrounded by our "mental models" which we need to update/change time by time and since we're game developers, We need to do it more often :P So I have a few subjects about game development here for open discussion, I think every game developer has thought about them and has his/her own answers. So let's share!

How to make a threat look real? Well in every game which has an actual story there is at least one threat that player wants to stop. The question is that, How to make it seem real? How can we show that there is a real danger (When there is actually no danger XD)? In such cases, I try to think as a player, I try to guess about what's going to happen next. Now as a game developer, I know what I should NOT put in the story. Another fact that I use is that human's nature considers unknowns as dangers, So whenever I feel like the player is about to learn too much about the threat, I try to disturb him/her with something else. Though it might disappoint the player at some point so I must be careful.

Character development stereotypes, Yes or no? Almost everyone knows that characters shouldn't be too good or too bad (Mostly in story driven and third person games) But there are always some stereotypes, For example in many games the protagonist is young and attractive. Now some game developers try to break it. As a game developer I don't think it's a bad idea but as a player, It's a big problem in the game :P Seriously, I'm always less motivated to play these kind of games. It might be so silly but it's what a player thinks! So I'm not going to change these stereotypes in my game and I know many game developers don't agree- I want to hear you!

Female characters are female! No it's not a question, Just a criticism to game developers who think female characters are male characters with boobs :| Or even worse, Those games that show female characters as weak creatures (Why there is no powerful female character in GTA V?!) Seriously, Try to make female characters a bit more female! They don't have the same abilities as men. They have their own advantages. As a great example, In one of Mortal Kombat games, There is a character named Sindel, She uses her hair to damage her rivals.

Good/Bad/Real endings? I like to have more than one ending in the game, But I think it's better if they're all kinda "real" endings, Not good or bad ones. The endings should be different "possibilities" so each ending should have its own pros and cons. Not a fan of open-ended games.


Well those are a few subjects that I could think of. Feel free to add more subject to make the discussion more interesting!

Sorry for bad English, I tried my best ^^

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Imma Gaust!

Boo! No? Didn't scare you... well anyway, I'm Ardaceus, you can call me Ardi for short. I have been on this forum less than a week, and I'm really enjoying it here. Came across this section, and decided wynaut?


I prefer to be called by my online name than anything, and only my online name. I won't ever talk about my life outside of game making on this forum, due to it not being the main goal of this place. I will participate in the Cafe thread though, for it's nice to reply my thoughts to other people. I will most likely be online on this forum in the chat, so I'm there usually, I have been for the past 2 days.


Personality wise, I don't compliment or put down anything about myself, I only say what I can and can't do, and what I do and not do. I love video games, RPG's are my favorites, just because I love the stories behind them so much. I generally love anything that has great story or characters, I don't focus much on graphics or gameplay for most games (except Call of Duty). Besides video games, I like reading, drawing cartoons (I can't draw anime), and simply anything to do with computers.


If anyone wants help with a game, feel free to ask me, I would be more than happy to help! Though I'm not great at making music, scripting, or creating HD photographs, I'm good at everything else. Also, this only applies to RPG maker VX ace, I don't have any other programs. Another thing I'm good for is coming up with story ideas, if you would ever like some inspiration, I could always come up with a story for your style of writing. I have a lot of stories I want to make, and I have a lot of experience writing stories. I always have ones that I'm willing to give away due to me not taking much interest in expanding off of the main idea.


So I guess, Ardi in.

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Getting back into drawing! [Kitsuki's Log]

Wow, there are so many drawings/art journals, logs, records in this part of the forum... ;w; so I decided to make my own! It's finals week and I have my last set of very important finals tomorrow, so I decided to go for it. (Instead of studying for physics... what intelligent life decisions I make.) And why not share it with the forum too :>
I've recently joined the Outlast fandom--a little late, but oh well. And I'm still a big fan of the Kagerou Project, a series of Vocaloid songs with some awesome PVs to go with them! Lately I've been watching Outer Science's PV (link here if you want to watch it:
So I decided, why not do a project that includes both? An Outer Science x Outlast crossover PV! Despite having tried to make one of my own videos in this style before and failing, I'm determined to try my hardest this time. So I dug out my old Wacom MTE-450 and set right on it!
The first step was to sketch most of the scenes, make a sort of storboard. I started a vague sketch with the very first scene:



I finished it where I can flesh out some detail later, quickly lost interest, and moved on to the next scene that got my attention.




That one gave me a lot of trouble with the hair, actually. So I made it a fast sketch and resolved to move back when I finish the sketches (which for me will probably be never XD). Moving on to the next! I started to work with some clearer sketches of people, which I try to avoid drawing because I suck at anatomy.




I asked for permission to use the design of and got permission. :) Both the faces are the same person, just a "before-and-after" sort of effect. After that, I kind of went overboard with this sketch, bringing it into its second stage and even adding colour. Definitely not part of the plan, but I like how I think it's going to look at the end.


I went on to nearly finish the second stage sketch for this guy:




The fingers either look really ugly or have no fingers at all, just placement for the hand. XD I'll work on it eventually. That's supposed to be a falling computer, which I suppose it'll be at some point when I gather the courage to work on it.


So on to the next scene that I really wanted to work on!




I was actually proud of that. It only took me half an hour for this one, since the desire to work on it was strong! I liked how the lines were turning out, and the colour as well--the character in the dress (that's not a girl btw... his name is Waylon Park, same character in the last image) is in his second stage of sketching, the one in the vest was in his first. 


But then my program just had to go and crash on me ;n; I lost pretty much everything--all the progress I did on the previous drawing and this one. At least I'd saved the screenshots so I could redraw them from those. I managed to redraw Waylon, but I'm not sure how much better he is for it?




I forgot his stubble... and I'm still trying to avoid drawing hands. I just realised now, I placed the ring on the wrong finger! DX It's supposed to be the left hand's ring finger. Oh well, will fix later.


I moved on to the next character, tired of trying to redraw Waylon and the other character in the picture, Eddie Gluskin. I wanted to draw more of the guy in the second picture I posted, Miles Upshur:




(On the right and the left side are refs, not actual drawings by me. They're from, from whom I'll ask for permission to use their character design for the PV. :)


Oh my god that hair though. Miles Upshur's hair makes me very emotional. Not to mention that FACE. :< I'll be fixing him up soon. But anyway, that's what I accomplished in the three days before this, I think. Not sure how long I spent working on it.


I will be posting more soon of my progress! Until then!

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Modifying Generic HP/SP/EXP Bars

I'm using  script that comes with custom hp/sp/exp bars that have their own labels; however, the generic white text overlaps the bars (see below for clarification). I want to remove the white text that says hp/sp/exp in the menu and battle screens. I assume I have to edit the scripts to accomplish this. Could someone tell me which scripts/lines I would have to edit? I would really appreciate it.

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Much work

Augh, this area is taking forever! All the dang trees are so tricky to place in a style that works while not making my whole map look spacey. I'm managing alright though, but I'm moving at a slower pace.

It doesn't help with the fact that I'm spending time in the chat, but hey I won't miss out on the opportunity to talk to other members of GDU. For that chat room is always empty. Spent like a good 3-4 hours talking with Dragomiku in Kitsake about random stuff, ending with a talk about drawings... I don't have much art skill, but it's alright.

On the other note, I finished up all my character sprites today, so all the characters in Wonder's War have bodies to walk with. Probably next week I'll create action sprites for 6 more of my characters, I already have action sprites for 3 of my characters. Probably also if my game gets a bit popular (like just a few people), I'll reveal another character of the game besides ??? in the character section of the page. Will probably flip a coin on who it'll be.

I'm surprised though to be honest about how many people are actually online on this website, there aren't many, and posts aren't like most I know of. I'll post as much as I can because I want to drag in some members to join in on the community for a better experience while using the website. This mostly could be due to the fact that most people are busy with school, who knows, maybe it'll all kick in come around July.

Since I don't have much to report today, I might as well sign off and get some sleep. Ardi out.

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Here's an Idea: A Man and the Machine

I have so many different games that I want to make someday, but I'm stuck with my current project "Wonder's War" due to the others not really working well with RPG maker. I won't name any of these ideas due to not wanting anyone to steal one of the names, for I want to make all of them into games, and I will accomplish that.


Anyway, back to the topic, I do go through a lot of game ideas that just don't interest me in the slightest, so I thought I would give out one of them for anyone to use. I called it "A Man and the Machine".


This is the story about a guy living a normal life, except for the fact that his roommate is a robot. The man is going to college to try and get a degree in Electronical Engineering, and the robot also goes to school to try and get a degree in manufacturing. Throughout the story, there is a huge rivalry between the man and the robot, like how smart one is, how physically adept one is over the other, and they both throughout the whole story fight each other for a girl who is also going to the same school. Filled with comedy and drama, the story is based around the concept of how men are having a struggle with everyday tasks thanks to technology getting in the way, and how it pushes us to be the best we can be. The game play shouldn't have a battle system in it, but more of a choice system, like a simulator game. It should focus more on the player's logic and thinking skills on how they should go around and interact with the world, while adding in different reactions from the player's choices.


It was a scrapped idea mostly because this style of game is not my style. Feel free to do anything you want with it, Ardi Out.

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Extracting Maps from RMXP Data Files

My game file got corrupted, so I cant open it to copy over my maps etc.  I put a lot of work into this game and I really don't want to start over. I tried copying all of the map data from this file to a new game, but when I opened the new file, the maps weren't there. Is there a step that I missed, or does this method simply not work? Is there even a way to copy over the maps I want?

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I have no life ._.

It's like 12:15 as I'm writing this right now where I am, and like, I'm just sitting here working on my game. I spent like the past 5 hours drawing and spriting characters and that page banner just so that I could get this out as soon as I can. I have a very hard day at school tomorrow, and I need to be getting sleep, but it's just so hot up here in Canada. So I'll just write my first blog post.

Before I decided to make this game page however, I've been slowly working on this project from time to time over the past months, but due to school I haven't been able to focus on this project. Lately however, like the past month, I've never been more indulged with making the game. I've completed the intro to the game, the first area, and a good chunk of the starting skills/abilities for the first two characters, I'm feeling great (but tired at the same time).

I've been feeling lucky about the level layout, I really like my ability to get the map what I believe to be almost perfect on the first try, and don't bother with redoing over the maps unless if there is a huge problem. I don't plan to make anything complex for the first little bit, I'll have the game progressively become more challenging as time goes on, so don't worry if the game sounds or looks bland from what I'll show at first.

But back to the topic, I have to get some shut eye. I've been working non-stop on the game, and it's kinda getting in the way of more important stuff. My excuse however, is that I am a solo worker working on the story line, the level layout, writing, event maker, and such. I am glad however that music is not a problem for me to obtain, I have some really great ones that go for almost all occasions. The only exception with music is that I will never find the final boss theme I have in mind, I will buy Fruity Loops at some point and create the theme myself for no one would understand the final theme's meaning to the boss, boy I can't wait to make that. I also have a plentiful of resources, I was worried I wouldn't have some in particular, but I found them while they were on sale in the steam store, so I'm good. I don't also plan for my game to have any complex scripts in it, for I feel that the game's current look and style is great, and making it better would only make it worse.

So if anyone is out there reading this, or even heard of my game, I'll likely do these blogs as much as I can, just to relax my mind off of the game and practice some writing skills. Next blog I'll probably talk about a city in the game, just cause I can. Ardi out.

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Corrupted Game file?

I went to open my game today to work on it, but it gave me an "unexpected file format" error message. I thought this was strange because it is the standard rmxp project file type, and I have been opening and editing the file for weeks. When I opened the playable game file, I got an error that the file ;cannot run on windows". Is the file corrupted (in which case I have to start over), or is there a way to fix the problem/recover my work?

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Machine Made: Rebirth Newsletter, FAQ, Kickstarter Donation Tiers

Hey guys,

It's a lovely rainy day here in Ontario, Canada. I wanted to take an opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions and fill you guys in on the contents of the upcoming newsletter and what is going on with the team. We're testing the latest alpha -- this will be the final opportunity for alpha testing before we start adding in beta features and the first open beta test could come as late as September. We've had our team hard at work producing this content and I hope you will all enjoy the new graphics and music as well as the updates to the interface, gameplay etc.

We've been asked about rewards for Kickstarter -- the opportunity to have an item, skill, enemy named after yourself is already available, and some other features which will include a direct relationship between content and your donation will also be available. Along with the new reward tiers, we'll also be releasing a newsletter that will show our concept art for what will be included in the beta, as well as our thanks to everyone who has supported us and a brief summary of our goals for new features, distribution and Steam greenlight. As of yet, we have not definitely decided one way or the other regarding porting to other platforms.

We're really excited to hear from you, so if you haven't done so check us out on Kickstarter:

And please message us or leave a comment on our site!


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Your Computer Specs

Yo guys, I'm really starting to get into this rig building deal. Oddly enough, despite working as a web developer since 2011, I never really had an interest in hardware. Of course you don't need performance to create websites, that's for sure, but usually they have interests in these sorts of things.


So I've decided to build a computer over a certain period of time, on a certain budget. My goal is to get the most performance per dollar possible. We have this great auction site here, like our version of eBay and I plan to utilize it. My first part was an Asus Maximus VI Gene motherboard that has never been used, still in box, for half rrp price :) 


Anyway, back in 2012 my boss gave me a desktop to make websites on that I'm still using today. Current specs:

  • 1T HDD space (not SSD x.x)
  • AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor - 3GHz, fan cooled
  • 8GB Kingston DDR3 RAM (had 16 but one chip was faulty :O)
  • Win8
  • Random Gigabyte motherboard with no USB3.0
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, 1GB vid memory 
  • Raidmax super viper case, aka productsuperviper02.png


Anyone else interested in building gaming computers or have one already? My new project isn't about playing games, although I wouldn't mind the boost to performance in my GTAV (which looks really good on the above specs anyways), just doing it as a project :)

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[Ace] Chronicles of the Crystal Wars (Demo)

Chronicles of the Crystal Wars


Screenshots and trailer



The official trailer is available on Youtube and on Dailymotion











Genre: Fantasy

Average Demo Time: around 2 hours


Centuries ago, a magical plague known as the miasma appeared, which began to devour the surface of the world. Unable to restrain this scourge, the inhabitants of the surface used another form of magic to extract from the ground a giant island the size of a continent in order to dwell in the sky, where the miasma would never be able to reach them. But this celestial island wasn't big enough for everyone, and thousands were abandoned to the miasma...

Time passed. Through the fires of wars, a kingdom appeared on the flying continent, whose citizens had long forgotten the tragedy of the forced emigration of their ancestors but also the other one, even worse, of the people who stayed behind and had to face the miasma. And everyone lives as happily as possible in a human society.

But it is several years now that the flying continent seems to slowly sink into the Sea of Clouds upon which it is yet supposed to fly. And the nightmare of the miasma surfaces again in the collective memory...

Now, a hero has to go back to the surface below to find a way to revive the apparatus which allows the flying continent to remain above the clouds.


- King Cirrus: the ruler of the kingdom of Arcadia and a quiet man who seems unable to choose any course of action to save his people, so his citizens begin to question his authority and the social order slowly but surely begins to crumble.

- Honorius: the previous commander of the royal guard, recently retired, who kept many friends in the army like if he wants to secure his rear; some say the King kept him closer to him than his own friends, like a monarch is supposed to do with his enemies...

- Alasran: the junior son of Honorius, he's ready to anything to prove his worth to his father; he'll volunteer to scout the surface and, unvoluntarily, will trigger the events which will plunge the flying continent into chaos...

- Sirius: childhood friend of Alasran, he knows well Honorius' family; good-spirited, he's not naive for all that...

- Joseph: a soldier of the Arcadia army who makes up for his lack of experience with determination and strength.

- Annalys: member of the resistance against the Vulcania regime, this young warrior girl hides a dark secret.

- Evan: another resistant, who doesn't talk much and tends to impose silence with his sole, massive presence.

- Lyvi: although friendly and talkative, this young resistant is above all a skilled thief and assassin.


Yanfly (Parallax Lock script, Event Chase Player script, Ace Battle Engine script, Command Autobattle script)
Yami (Overlay Mapping script)
Vlue / V. M. of D. T. (Basic Autosave script)
Soulpour777 (Gameover Commands script)
Galv (Region Effects script)
Modern algebra (Website Launch from Title script)
PandaMaru (sitting cat sprite + wolves battlers)
Matseb2611 (Death theme B-E.png tilesheet)
Tasharene (stormy sky photo) (footsteps sound effects) (pump sound effect)
D. C. Kairi Sawler (Yawning Sunlight & A Time Forgotten music tracks)
Aaron Spencer (Seeking Loot music track) (Take a Chance music track)
all other ressources used are by me and only me


I could use some help, so if you think you can provide any of the following services, feel free to contact me; for this project being commercial, I will share any income.

Character Designer: you’ll be in charge of giving an aspect to every character which appears in the game, even briefly; although I use simple portraits in the demo, I’d like for the characters pics to be busts, and preferably with different facial expressions and body posings to match different circumstances and emotions.

Proof Reader/Grammar Nazi: although I do my best to provide a satisfying english, this language is not my native one and there’s very probably far much more faults in the various dialogs than it should, so any help will be immensely appreciated.

PR Guy: you know, the guy who will be keeping the followers in touch, in here but also on FB and Twitter as well as on IndieDB, and RMN too…


- custom backgrounds, parallaxes and battle backs made with 3DS Max (see attached screenshots).
- magical or steampunk mechas  ^^
- heavily story driven game: for this RPG being essentially narrative, do not expect an open-world experience with plenty of side-quests like in Skyrim or a dungeon-crawler game such as Diablo. If you don’t like games where you have to follow some tracks, then –by all means– do NOT play it because it is not for you –you’ve been warned.

Download (333 Mb)


- from RMN

- from Mega




Official Devblog




Steam Greenlight

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Just a little bug I drew, feel free to use in any game, no credit needed, just don't claim that you drew it.

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Map name

I was scrolling through some sample maps online for inspiration and came across this. I think the map name in the top left looks really cool. Does anyone know of a script that will allow me to do something similar?

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Map Feedback

Hey! I made a desert oasis map today for my game. Would you guys mind taking a look and telling me what you think? 

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DoubleX RMVXA Targeting Hotkeys Compatibility

Fixes compatibility issues in DoubleX RMVXA Targeting Hotkeys

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