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Ryan Ferris published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker XP / Machine Made: Rebirth / Blog

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Machine Made: Rebirth (Kickstarter Success, nearly 100 copies to be distributed)

Ladies and gentlemen,

We've managed to get more than 100% funding for our kickstarter project, and have even more interestingly come into contact with a few new contributors for content who are going to be cross-promoted here, on our other sites and on our Kickstarter Page.

If you're a donator, then expect to receive an email from Kickstarter confirming your donation, and instructions about how to get your copy of the Open Alpha, your key for the Beta (If Applicable), and your download license for the retail release!


Tripleh5 published a Forum Topic in Forums / Resource Requests

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Luigi sprite RPG Maker VX

Can someone help me out? I need to have Luigi sprite for my game, but everywhere I look, the sprites are either not good, or nowhere to be found. I don't care of what Super Mario game he'd be, it can even be a Paper Luigi. It's the only one I cannot find, which sucks.

Can someone help me?


This is the Waluigi that I found, but no Luigi, sadly enough. I can't have a Mario & Luigi without Luigi, can I? 

Ardaceus published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker VX Ace / Wonder's War / Blog

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Idk... the latest update I guess?

Well, still working as hard as I can, which you can tell from looking at the amount of hours I've spent over the past 2 weeks in RPG Maker that you can look at on my user page... I have no life ._.

So I finally found some new scripts that are going into my game, which will work really well with the battle system and graphics of the game, it looks great from what I can see. I am also beginning to work on the demo for my game, which will be out sometime in July I'm aiming for, I was going to prolong it till august, but some issues with the main project are getting in the way, so might as well. The demo won't be part of the actual game, but more of a prequel to the actual game, it's free of course, and will integrate the battle system and a few other systems, which includes the crafting system and the exploration system. You'll also get to meet some important characters who'll remain unmentioned till I feel like revealing who they actually are. The demo is titled: "The Six Generals", and I look forward to releasing it for show.

In other news, a lot of weird things have been going on in the city, including a sudden increase in bad drivers, a very annoying heat wave, huge vegetation growth, and my most favourite of all of these things, is the dam weather. Here's a picture from outside:
Posted Image
Guess what kind of weather that is! I'll give you until you'd like to move on in the blog post, which is likely instantaneosly. So despite it being sunny and bright with a few clouds in the sky, it's actually a thunderstorm out there... like wtf.

Well, that was a quick update, now I don't have to feel bad about not doing one, so until next one, like in 3 days, adios! Ardi out.

P.S. I just realized that the photo is sideways, but I don't care enough to flip it, use your head.

Ardaceus published a Forum Topic in Forums / RPG Maker VX Ace Support

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What the Terrabyte???!?!?

Well, I have come into an issue in RPG Maker VX Ace that has been the only problem I can not get around. It used to be in the past whenever I wanted to save my game, that the program would freeze for about half a minute to save, to pop up a message saying I needed 93MB to save the game to steam cloud, but I only had 60MB, clear your blah blah blah.


I ignored it because it wasn't a big problem, half a minute wasn't a long wait. But earlier today, I tried to save my game after importing like 4-6 scripts, and building like 3 maps. The game took around 5 minutes to save, which I found really weird. But when the error message showed up, I got this:



What the... Terrabyte??? How even- Lik- I don't- Who? What? Where When Why? How?


Could anyone explain to me what I'm looking at, and how to prevent it, because I would like to not receive these messages after 5 minutes of trying to save my game, thank you.

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My Chibi Artwork

I wanted to show off the chibi artwork I have done over the years for fun and for friends, so here they are. Plus I also didn't think that they were good enough to warrant opening a shop. They are all here: .

But here are a few of them:






And this is something I did in paint: kenshin_by_meraniena-d3czr10.jpg  [/spoiler]

mrmineshafter17 published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker XP / Ethera / Blog

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Lightshine, a new generation of fog highlighting

Lightshine, a personal script of mine is now fully implemented inside the game. It can render lots of fog animations such as blowing fogs, and many more. Lightshine is built using DevC++ and is a separate DLL. A screenshot of Lightshine rendered in the game will be shown later.

mrmineshafter17 published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker XP / Ethera / Blog

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East Hansville - Which of these two maps are better?

Which looks better? Map A or Map B. This place will take a large role in the game!
Posted Image

Polraudio published a Forum Topic in Forums / Spam-O-Rama!

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The Pol Poll

What is your fav pol(l)?

johncena123 published a Forum Topic in Forums / RPG Maker XP Support

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Can someone help me about cutscene?

How to make people/civilian follow you and then iniate a conversation with you?

DoubleX published a Script in Scripts / RPG Maker VX Ace / Scripting Tools

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DoubleX RMVXA Object Trace

Traces all objects belonging to a queried class linked to a queried object Designed as a bug diagnosis tool used by scripters with debug experience

Ardaceus published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker VX Ace / Wonder's War / Blog

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2d... IN 3D!!!

bLOGS wHOO hOO!!! caps lock people...

So I'm coming close to 1k views on my game page, and I am really happy that I've received a lot of views on my game, even though it may just be from the same 20 something people. Idk, either way, I do keep to my word about every milestone I reveal a new character that is in the game that has importance. So I've decided to do something awesome for my next character for this 2D game, I went ahead and picked up sketchup which I'm familiar with, and I'm going to make this next 2D character... IN 3D!!! yEAH IT'LL BE SO AWESOME!!! i'M GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE IT FAST THOUGH, FOR i AM GETTING A LOT OF- (stupid caps) of views on my game, so probably tonight the character will be ready. I really love sketchup, it's a great program for making 3d models in, and if you have time, you should check it out if you like drawing things, for you could really show off your artistic style in a 3d environment for someone to enjoy, explore, or whatever.

But other than that, I've been spending a lot of time working on my game, I'm getting a lot of progress through the current city I'm working on done, and it looks marvelous as to the detail I've put in. I did want to put in moving vehicles in my game, but it would create a lot of problems, such as the player running into the vehicle, npcs running into the vehicle, having space for the vehicle to run around and loop, yeah... I will attempt to input at least some sort of vehicle, though it may not work, so don't expect it. I'm making up for this with a lot of people who each have their own little stories, or side quests. There is also a lot of buildings you may enter, just not the civilian houses, cause like what, you want to walk into someone's house looking for things to take from certain looking chests? That is so unrealistic, can't imagine a game that lets you walk into people's houses without the residents calling the cops.

Besides the fact that I've been making my game, listening to Pewdiepie play through his whole series of Amnesia the Dark Descent, reading homestuck and drinking 8 cans of Faygo, I've been really relaxed, looking much forward to the summer. I will probably not have much time to work on my game once summer ends due to grade 11 and 12 being hard years if you want to succeed well, which I plan to do. I don't think grade 11 will be hard, due to it being a bunch of courses I love, that's if I get a good balance between fun and exhausting courses this grade unlike grade 10 where I had all the fun courses in the first semester and all the mind breaking ones in the 2nd. Please, dog, if you are out there, I beg that you balance your holy teachings of computers and physics out for me, awoof.

Also one thing, why do I have 300+ views on a blog entry that I meant as a joke, has nothing to do with this game, and I didn't even bother to give it a title? It just goes to show that the most idiotic things in this world are popular, like stupid titles, twerking, kids doing YouTube vids, idiotic people doing idiotic things, drinking, smoking, bad driving, more drinking, Stephen Harper, Adolf Hitler, the KKK, th- holy shiet this escalated quickly.
Well, that seems to be a good time to wrap up, I'll probably post some images in the picture book of in game photos, since I don't have too many of those, only one I think is an in game. It'll show the different effects of the scripts I'm using, which will be interesting. So until then, Ardi out.

published a Script in Scripts / RPG Maker VX Ace / Gameplay Scripts

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[Yuuta Engine] Timed Trial

When trial has ended displays a message then exits the game. Also disables save if you allow it too.

Scoryth published a Forum Topic in Forums / RPG Maker XP Support

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How to hide battlers during animation

Hello. I'm using a side view battle system and I want to make the battlers themselves animate when they attack. I've created the character animating the attack. Then, I have the animation play on the target. However, when I use the animation on the target battler, the character is still on screen in his/her idle position. How can I hide the user character's image while the attacker animation is on screen? Does my question make any sense? I can give more details if needed. Thanks for any help.



   of the Crimson Renegades

Ardaceus published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker VX Ace / Wonder's War / Blog

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The Last Bell

Whenever someone puts last or finished, ended or whatnot, it always means that something ended. Like put it in a video and people will think that your channel is over, or like here, it kind of sounds like I'm not continuing my project or am done the game... Well I'm referring to school, as it is finally over for me *grin*

As that final bell at school today rung, I knew that I would have all the time in the world to work on my game, so after this summer, I'm going to be far into development... or playing lots of skyrim and dark souls. I'm aiming to get at least 25% done this summer, but I'm predicting maybe a 35% completion this summer, depends on how much time I'm actually going to spend making this game. It's not an easy task to make this game, which is why I'm not making any of the complex things like scripts, battler graphics, and audio, and taking it off of free websites and steam DLC, I'm also up to donations in the form of resources, with credits given of course.

I'm making this game really large in scale, all the maps are going to be huge, and fully explorable. Though some places might seem empty, like someone I've shown a picture, all places will have life except for one place that is going to focus on visuals rather than inter-activeness. Instead of the common games that rely on small spaces, like a final fantasy world map that seems somewhat crammed and very un-proportionate to your character, or like a horror game where hallways are your landscape, you'll get to explore a world that is to size with you, all the trees are bigger than you, pathways are longer between cities, the cities and towns aren't just like 10 houses to home 50 people, but full out life like cities, that are comprised of hundreds of homes, and lots of businesses everywhere. I wish though that the camera wasn't birds eye view, due to there being the possibility that boredom can occur from looking from that perspective, I'm trying to cope for this by making the maps have backdrops, and different layers. I'm also using Moghunter's weather script to create some movement in the game. I'll also include animals in the forest, using another of Moghunter's scripts, seriously, he's an awesome scripter.

So when I talk about the cities, they match the different race's cultures. Every one is based off a real life culture, I'll let you figure that one out. Here's an example, the Humes and Orden in this game are mortal enemies towards the Elves because of the perceptions of a superior government. I'm basing the hate between the races between real interactions in real life, if you have a very good eye. The easiest example to identify is the Nozan, who are obviously based off of Japanese culture. The hardest cultures to identify would be the ancient races, for they are not based directly off of countries, but more off of religions.

Well, I'm going to enjoy my first day off by creating the cooking system for my game, which I'll find rather enjoyable as I have to create many different recipes for things you can cook in the game. So until the next blog, Ardi out.

shadow7396 published a Forum Topic in Forums / RPG Maker VX Ace Requests

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I need some sprites done.

Hey guys, I need help with making down sprites for my characters. Here are my actor sprites: [spoiler]actor1-26145.png[/spoiler] if ya'll can help me, then it will be greatly appreciated!

Ardaceus published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker VX Ace / Wonder's War / Blog

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Enter a Title

Ahh, July, the time for final exams, and when you have work to catch up on... It's a truly amazing month.

So I finally have time to blog, I've had a combination of summarizing the past 100 years on this Earth, no sleep, writing about random things, studying about civil systems, and performing sax live... yeah... Then I went out with my band class to a wing joint which took all night and spent most of my money. I spent all day today catching up on sleep. It's been great.

I thought that for this late blog would just be for comedy reasons only, because I'm all out of energy to even attempt such a thing like talking about the new supermarket, hospital, and hotel earthboundlike features in my game, or mentioning about how I'm grateful for 500 views on my game so far, or even how much time I spent in thought for the title of this blog. So here we go.

So I ate out at the wing joint last night, it was great, even though the people I went out with were kind of saucy that night, and things got heated when they pulled out hot topics. I mostly just boned out on the side, listening to people's juicy conversations. I joint in at some point, that was when things got drumatic. I caused everybody to flip their glasses upside down when they looked at my own, and they beered having me at the table. When my cup pitched in for a sip of the topic, was when it got kind of creepy when there was cocks being pulled out across the table we were at, it kinda left me boneless. We then clucked it all down, as it was finger lickin good. Then the bell peppered, as some cops that just pulled in the joint in for a bite to eat. We quickly downed the coke and crystal clear on the table, and left just a bit later to go home. The chicken waitress billed us, which we payed with a 300$ chick, and we crossed the street to get in our cars, and drove off, clucky for us, there was a bar fight just a few minutes later, as we splegged away.


Ardi out.

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Town Trees

Not mine

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Plan Wagen

Not mine

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