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My latest crazy idea

What about this... 


Wordpress, the famous blogging software, has this feature called multi-site where you can effectively create multiple websites from a single installation. One big benefit is obviously the ability have different people managing different websites. 


What if... 


I integrate a wordpress installation into this site. So in theory, you can't tell its wordpress, it just looks like another section of the site. 


The url's may be something like.. 


And from that, we could people who manage these sites. One big drawcard to this idea for me is for these managers to be active blogggers on those particular sites that they're managing, so a discussion is always revolving. We could recruit people who are arleady active bloggers and give them control with the promise of lots of traffic and being a staff member of GDU. 


The main site, i.e. the forums, homepage etc would be a major portal that links to all the other content, just like it does now. Eg all content that is in the other sites would show up in recent activity, as well as comments to the sub-sites, all mixed together with the latest feed from the forums. 




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Weekend Game Jam

Alright since a few people seem interested in a game jam and im interested in one also how about we just go ahead and do one this weekend starting Friday and ending midnight on Sunday?

Dates are subject to change depending if its a bad time or not.


Table Of Contents:



-When to start



-Other Info


All projects must be submitted to me Sunday by midnight so I can make the judging topic. Any later and it wont be accepted.



Games made during game jam can be a game of any type and made in any game engine of your choosing. The reason for this is to give people complete creative freedom to make whatever they want so they are not sitting there forever trying to find out how to make a certain type of game.



Judging will be done by the community its self and all scores will be averaged up for the final score. I will make a final judging topic when we are done with the contest.


When you judge something give it a final score out of 10. Now some games wont have a story so you will have to judge them accordingly.

These are some of the categories you can use to judge. You dont have to show these in your final judging post if you dont want to.

Story, Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, Misc.


Example of a story game:

Title: Timmy's Tiny Tidventure

Final Score: 9.25/10


Story: 9/10

Timmy's Tiny Tidventure had an awesome story... bla bla bla bla.


Gameplay: 10/10

The way you handle Timmy on his tidventure was awesome. There was just the right amount of grinding... bla bla bla bla


Graphics: 8/10

All the graphics were good. Sure they used the RPG Maker RTP graphics but the RTP graphics are not bad at all. They also edited some of the tilesets so that gave them 2 extra points.


Sound: 10/10

Every song and every sound effect was perfect. I loved the sound timmy made when you walked and ran. The song in the end was killer and perfect for the sad ending.


~Review over. As you noticed i didn't include Misc since it was a story based game.


Example of a non story arcade type game:

Title: Carl's Candy Collectargg Maties of the Candy Sea Part 1: The Candy Collector Pirates

Final Score: 9/10


Gameplay: 10/10

Collecting all the candy was very fun as there is many many types of candy to collect and lots of danger doing so. Whenever you collect a rotten piece of candy it will infect a few of your candies so you need to send pirates down to test the candy with the candyinator 5001. Best part of all was the timed levels. Each level gave me a candy rush. Battling other candy ships was fun. I mixed a fire candy with a boom pop to make candy fire grenades to blow the enemy's ships up. Got to love the candy fusion you can do.


Graphics: 6/10

The graphics went the greatest since they did use unity and had to make all the graphics themselves.


Sound: 10/10

This game is all around silly and they did an awesome job with the sounds since every sound effect was made to be very silly for this silly game. The pirate music with a candy mix was PERFECT for everything.


Misc: 10/10

This game didn't have a story so ill judge other parts of the game that i found to be good. The game had an awesome level selector. You drive your pirate ship across the sea and land on objects like ships, islands and spots on the ocean. The game had 30 levels that were all hand crafted to look awesome and play out getting progressively harder. The difficulty curve of the game was perfect, it wasn't to hard or to easy and slowly got harder along the way.


~Review over. As you noticed i didn't include Story since it wasn't a story based game.


When to Start:

Since people are in school on Friday i will start the contest a little later in the day when those people get off. The earliest the contest will start will be 5pm Central US time.

Click here for the current Central time.



The rules are very simple. Make whatever type of game you want with any engine. You can use any resources that come with that engine or any resources you find.


Most of all you are allowed to start working on graphics, audio and 3d models right now if you want to. But ONLY those 3 things. You are not allowed to even make the project yet. Note: Scripts are not allowed to be made prior to start date.



I only have 1 reward to give so far.


If someone wishes to provide a reward for the game jam please PM me or contact me on steam.


Other Info:

If you wish to be notified exactly when the contest starts please join our steam group so you can get the event popup.


I will be streaming the entire time im working on my project during the game jam. If you wish to watch me head on over here and follow or just wait till the contest starts.

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Hello everyone

My name is Matt IGN skullboneslayer, I am making a game called "Into the Tardis", a Doctor Who fan game.

in whitch the Doctor goes missing and Clara is equipped with the sonic screwdriver and must find the Doctor before the Tardis goes into meltdown. The game will be based for the most part in the Tardis, What I need is sprites for the Tardis and the tilesets for the inside of the tardis, as well as character model's and the faces for the charaters, I will give you credit for the game if you want. Please let me know is anyone is willing to help me out!



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Java Script Tutorial

6 to 7 hours long so be patient and learn.

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RPG Maker MV Release Day and Price

So RMV has been added on steam with a release day of October 23rd and a price of $80.


If anyone is interested here is the steam store link.


Sadly mapping looks like its the same as limiting VX/VXA.


You can see the script editor in this image.



And a closer look at the plugin system.


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Project Talquin [RPG Maker VXA]

Project Talquin
This is a story I’ve had in my head for several years.  What started as a literary experiment, turned into a possible screenplay, a novel, an earlier RPG game (with disastrous results mind you) as well as about 5 different story related changes before I had given up on the idea for about 2 years.  Any parts left of the original idea are all but gone now, having been lost in time.  The only thing that has left unchanged from revision to revision, is the Character names and the name of the area they live in.  All other aspects of the story have been radically altered.  This version which I’m presenting to you, is my latest attempt at bringing my universe to life, with the hope of developing several stories set in this universe.  Here is my world presented to you.
The old world of Gybonis has been deadlocked in a war against itself for 20 years.  No one trusts each other, everyone is scared, and all soldiers around fight for dominance.  You play Arcane, a scientist working under the cabinet of Gybonis.  Your initial intentions were peaceful when you joined.  But one day, while working, you discover Baxtrob's intentions are not peaceful.  Now you must escape Baxtrob's lab, and race to the other side of Gybonis in hopes of finding the only person who can save everyone.  But the cabinet has other plans...
A scientist working under the cabinet Baxtrob.  Initially agreed to work for Baxtrob under the pretense that what he was doing was for the good of all of Gybonis.  The more time he spent at the lab however, the less he agreed with Baxtrob.  After learning what Baxtrob is doing, Arcane flees, hoping to find help on the outside.  
Also working in the same lab as Arcane, she took the job with Baxtrob hoping to help heal and cure disease.  But learning of Baxtrob's plan through Arcane, she decides to go with him out towards the west end to try and find help.  But maybe she should've thought that plan through more, as she discovers Arcane is not the person he appears to be.
Baxtrob's right hand man.  He works with Arcane in one of Baxtrob's labs.  Wasstenbuen initially expressed disapproval of Baxtrob hiring Arcane to the point of demanding he not be hired.  Wasstenbuen suspected Arcane of being a spy, but Baxtrob ignored his pleas.  Wasstenbuen now worries if he made the wrong choice or not.
The cabinet of Gybonis.  Brought in by his brother, Baxtrob was supposed to help keep peace and order in Gybonis.  But unknown to his father, Baxtrob had other plans.  While his brother and son took all the glory, he was taken a back seat.  He hatched plans to force Gybonis to bow at his presence.  If only his father saw this coming.
The legendary KoBan was once known as the ruler of South Gybonis, once ruled West Gybonis before Baxtrob began chasing and taking over.  He is mostly shrouded in mystery.  No one really knows much about him, except he may or may not have some deep connection with Baxtrob.  One thing's for certain though, Baxtrob has a deep hatred for him.
Game Features
Main Storyline
Interesting Side missions
Strong character design
Defeating enemies requires different tactics to defeat
Features to be included
Weapon customization
Potion making
Armor and item customizing
Skills learned through fighting schools
A small village.  Critism is welcome, as I'm not very good at mapping.
Release Date
Futuristic Tiles: [Copyright](C) 2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC; artist Celianna
All other tiles
Maybe a few songs written by me, if they work.
Quest Journal by modern algebra ( 
That’s it for now.  More will come as I work on the game.  

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How to change max level beyond 99

I'm lost.  


There's a possibility in my game I will have to go beyond the level 99 cap the engine of RPG Maker VX Ace allows.  I'm trying to find the script that handles that, but I'm having no luck.  And the RPG help files aren't helping either.  Could someone help me figure this out please?

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[VX ACE-Translation] Angel Painting ENG




WEBBOARD : Gameworldth




~You're an angel painting, not a monster anymore.~ 

Story : 
Ann, Karen and Baron got lost in the forest while they were wandering around the forest to find a way back home. Along the way, they found an abandoned building in the midst of the forest. The rain was falling and they had no choice but to take shelter in that creepy-looking place. They hope that they could safely get some rest until their parents find them. But then, a strange thing occurred. Ann woke up and found herself alone in the room where she supposed to be staying with her friends. She wandered around the building to find her missing friends. Because of that, she is going to meet "something" she always dreamed of. She will soon discover the secret of this place, and her own past. 

Characters : 

- Ann 



A young girl who like drawing the most and is good at that. She doesn't have many friends beside Karen and Baron. 

- Karen 



One of Ann's close friends since childhood. Very optimistic and cheerful. 

- Baron 



One of Ann's close friends since childhood. An assertive boy who want to protect the girls from any harms to come but end up taking them into it himself. 

Features : 
- Original Facesets. 
- Most of the resources are from RTP. 
- BGMs from Royalty Free Music. 
- Tricky puzzles. 

If you have any questions or opinions you want to share, you can contact the creator from the link on the top or just ask me here and I'll let him know. 

If there's any translation errors, feel free to tell me and I'll fix it as fast as I can. 









Download :



If you have any questions or opinions you want to share, you can contact the creator from the link on the top or just ask me here and I'll let him know. 

If there's any translation errors, feel free to tell me and I'll fix it as fast as I can. 

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In Need of Fallen Sprites!

Hey guys, its been a long time since i've posted on this site. I am in need of fallen sprites(or whatever they are called) for my following characters:

[spoiler='Character Set'][attachment=1855:Actor1.png][/spoiler]

If anyone can do this for me, i'd greatly appreciate it! Or if someone knows a tutorial of how to do this then ill accept that as well!


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Need help with clock set back..

Hey, I recently set time forward to try out an event that involved my local time. When I chose to set it back to the actual date, an error popped up, but I'm absolutely certain that my local clock is now being automatically verified. The error orders me to come seek for help here. What should I do?

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Ethereality's Core Story Theme

It's been a while since i posted a blog for Ethereality. Last month i announced that the game story was getting all compiled in to one whole story script. It wasn't an easy task to put it all together as i had to fix a lot of outdated story ideas and tweak some others ideas too. Ethereality's story is not as big as CyberDrive but it's certainly a great story all by itself. The core theme of this game story is fear.

Hold on, fear? Why? Mostly because it's a simple theme to explore and it's dynamic enough to manipulate in the writing process. I started writing my story around my own fears. We all have fears and we can't help but to avoid them, instead of confronting the problem directly. I wrote all this without changing the conceptual storyline of the homepage. Which you can read here: http://www.gdunlimit...roject-andomeda

The characters i have wrote down is a coward in their own individual way.
Do they fear lost?
Do they fear death?
Do they fear the suffering of others?
Do they fear a dark tomorrow?
This is a story that i wrote where i experienced fear and learned about other people's fears too. Sometimes our fears leads us to do stupid things, such as killing innocent people with weapons we crafted. In a way it initiates us to Survive.

Ethereality is in development, more announcements and news in the future!

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New Update!

So far, my game has received over 150 views! Thank you so much for looking at my game and if you can, tell other people about my game if you're interested to get my game as much notice as possible.

RagingDraugr out!

RagingDraugr, Lead Developer & Writer

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Viridia Tales [RMXP]

Viridia Tales


Viridia Tales has been a pet project of mine pretty much since RMXP was released, it has had many incarnations, but as the years went by and I worked more and more on the concept, it took a definite form. For the first time earlier this year, I actually felt confident that I was done with the planning process and could begin the final stages of the writing, so I began working on the assets and such to match the characters and everything else. 
There are four acts to the game, spanning around 20 - 29 years and involving three main, playable characters. The story follows each character individually through their particular segments of life until they all coalesce into the final chapter where their origins become the most relevant.
*A slight prelude*
There are a lot of high-fantasy races of sentient creatures in the games besides Dragons and Humans, most of which include specific backstories of how they came to be and the reason they came to be. Some of their histories may resemble commonly accepted or typical explanations of their racial histories, however ALL of them have plot-specific histories and I’m telling your right now, you really, really should leave your presumptions at the door, because I can guarantee you the way I explain their origins is in some way, critically different from how you perceive them.
Anyways, here's a little about the game~
[spoiler=Plot]In the beginning there was but a single creature, The Allfather, born when the Universe first began to take shape. This creature was more than a God, more than any comprehensible word in the English language could describe, it was the creator of everything the Universe housed. It has many forms, choosing something new with each new world it created, using its corporeal essence as the seed for galaxy upon galaxy of stars and planets. One such planet was its most cherished masterpiece, created with much thought and relishing in its brilliance, this world, it called, Viridia.
The great being took the form of an all-powerful dragon, winged and strong with breath of magical flames, pride and honor its two most prominent traits, seeding Viridia and its sun with its body, spirit and breath, sprouting anew another world to float about the cosmos.
At the same moment, five children were born atop the lonely bones of their father, his massive body to be used as the ground, his blood the water and spirit for life. The children were all tasked with a role in Viridia, tasked to govern their roles and see to it that their fathers efforts were not wasted, tasked with bringing life to the Eden that would be Viridia's future.
The first of his children, Arai, the Dragon Goddess of Power, brought forth from the fire from within the Allfathers chest, made the land and the mountains with her strength. Her endless reserve of power was matched by no other of her siblings nor has it been by any of their machinations.
The second called himself Monstro, casting aside the name his father had given him and taking it upon himself to live in his own mantle. The Dragon God of Chaos, Monstro was tasked with ferrying the Dead souls of Viridia through the Void and into Judgement.
The third was called Derz, the Dragon God of Knowledge, who gave the gift of thought to the shapeless world. He alone holds all the collective memories of Magic and Spells, helping to maintain a sense of order and time in the world. 
The Fourth and weakest sibling was named Mirah, the Dragon Goddess of Life. She gave form to the shapeless thoughts created by Derz and gave to the world the first mortal Dragons. Her station as a Dragon God was to see to it that the balance of life and Death was never tipped too far to one side.
The Final God, and most ruthless Dragon Sibling, was named Volkan, The Dragon God of Emotion. To the knowledge-filled husks of Life that Mirah and Derz had created, Volkan opened to them the proverbial Pandoras box, delivering to them both Loving emotions… and hateful ones.
These five lived and ruled the planet for a time, a few of the God’s allowing their bodies to die and reincarnate, until the Eldest Dragon, Arai, grew jealous of the living creatures that she had no part or say in creating. She hated the others for being allowed to bring true creation into existence, while she had been made responsible for mere rock and soil, hated that she could not escape from the prison of Viridia and found a new world like her father before her. On the dawn of a new age, she waged a violent war against her Brothers and Sister that lasted eons, recruiting the Mortal Dragons and even Volkan to her cause, on a path to destroy everything that opposed her. Closing onto the end of a brief existence, it seemed as though Arai’s unequalled power could not be stopped, until a group of Mortal Men, aided by both Mirah and Dragons opposing Arai’s Reign, brought a final battle to the roost of Arai herself. She and Volkan were cornered, out of places to run and with their attackers wielding a method of killing Arai for good, they staged a final battle in vain, a death blow being struck against the Goddess of power and as it seemed, sealing her envy away for good. Volkan, his station of emotion bringing him love for his violent sister, cast all his energy into stopping the ritual that would destroy her, saving her immortality and allowing her to continue to reincarnate… however the Mortal Men had managed to do damage that would follow her no matter how long she lived.
[spoiler=Setting]The setting takes place in a number of countries around the fictional planet of Viridia, (after which the project was named.) a world that was created by a celestial being to be home to his children. The being is known as the "Allfather" and physically died to create the world out of his planet-sized body along with the sun. (The Moon was created later by one of his children.) 
A majority of the game's plot takes place in the middle/Northern section of the eastern continent of "Julkrest", however nearly every continent is visited or referenced in some way. Julkrest's climate ranges from tropical to tundra depending on where you are, most of the island chains being towards the equator and acting as small ports between the three major continents, Julkrest, Ahraan and Hoffkin.
There is a large desert towards the center of Julkrest and it makes most of the inland areas fairly uninhabitable, though it is nearly surrounded by lush forest and grasslands on the west, and rocky, snowcapped mountains to the east with their own, small forested area. The map displayed is rudimentary but honestly, you should've seen the first draft, it was terrible. I'll eventually get a geographical map made but my Photoshop has been tweaking out so... TBA. 
Socio-Economic state
There is an enormous civil and foreign war going on in Julkrest (mostly) with a High-Elven empire, allied with some loyalist Dragons and another group that will be revealed inside the games themselves, fighting against the resident humans and Wood-Elves (also with another group that will be disclosed in-game.) who were already living there. The Empire (swear to god I made this all up before Skyrim, serious shit.) is aggressive and attacks settlements/cities/whatever that wont convert to their government and is wiping out specific races of sentient creatures, most of which are revealed in-game. For most of the cities not involved in the war, economics are good, reflecting a picturesque, magic-infused hamlet of Medieval times, however a few of the cities are well into the Victorian era with steam power and railway lines. (These are mostly the capital cities.)
Groups of People
There are a number of very different groups living in just the Julkrest area, but they are broken down into a handful of large factions. 
The Ariyu Riders - The descendants of the group of humans who turned Arai into her weakened form. (The Marked One)
They mostly act as peacekeepers and don't openly oppose the Empire, having never been directly targeted by any of their attacks, however their relationship is sour at best and tends to spark small skirmishes. They, as their names would suggest, have a more innate nature of bonding with dragons and typically have the highest rate of people born bonded to a dragon. Their bloodline is also responsible for bearing the "Marked One" curse and the Marked One will always be born from someone who has Ariyu blood. They have a kingdom to the north of Julkrest, on the border with the Draken Kingdom and the Empire's controlled area.
The Elven Empire - Obviously, they're mostly elves. In this world there are two types of elf: Magic-based and Nature-based. It's kinda obvious which is which. Wood elves are related to them and they both came from the same base race however a conflict earlier in history separated the two and gave each their defining traits. The Empire's home country/continent is Hoffkin, and their government completely encompasses it. Their home is mostly barren and arid, not being able to support life for long, however the vast deserts do house a number of dragon tribes that have territories spanning thousands of miles. They began the war with the various territories of Julkrest simply for expansion, since a large chunk of their population lives highly-compressed in the few cities the Loyalist dragons allow them to live. Their government is comprised of both Elves and Dragons, though the upper echelons are almost completely comprised of dragons, with very few elven people making decisions.
The Norse - A small group of native-humans that aren't related to the Ariyu, their numbers are small and falling, so I didn't really cover them in backstory. I don't really like them but they act as redshirts, so...
The Derzen - A nomadic collection of tribes that hunt and fish in a dwindling area of woods, they're typically hostile and radical zealots to the God Monstro. They don't play a huge part but they're talked about a lot in one of the games so they're worth mentioning.
The Draken - The other side of the Empire's coin, however this group was already on Julkrest before the Empire. They're mostly dragons and have a few unnamed races living within them. They're not typically hostile however they're very powerful and defensive so groups often have issues with them. In the area of time that the game's cover, the King act much more hostile to outsiders.
Snowpeak Kingdom - Another kingdom of dragons, they're much more peaceful than the Draken and were the first to openly oppose the Empire. They play a big part in the third and fourth game. Their king is the son of one of the gods.
There are a number of other groups that are large enough to be counted as influential however I'm not going to list them since they're pretty big plot spoilers.
[spoiler=Characters] There are three main characters, I don't consider any of the other characters to be "main" since the entire story revolves around the events that happen to and by these three people.
Artemis (Main character of the first game)
Artemis is a young adult who spent most of his life with his mother, farming in the wilderness. Around the age of twelve, he lost her to a house fire lit by their fellow villagers. Artemis left the town with revenge in his heart, however he felt himself letting it go the older he got, eventually becoming quite successful as a book merchant in an elven-controlled warzone. Either stealing or illegally buying banned books, brought a lot of attention to him, so every summer he would camp on the edge of a river close to the historic woods where Mirah and Monstro fought, though this summer would yield more than just fishing and sunshine when a young woman washes up to shore, beaten and bloody. After finding out her name, Artemis discovers that what he thought to be a myth was very real, and in his debt. The girl was called “Shinka”, and admitted to being a Dire Wolf who had just been cast out of her pack. No home and no experience with the outside world left her defensive and weary of Artemis, whom she knew a truth about that seemed to go right over his head…
Leon (Second game)

This character is much more relevant to the background of the world, I may even end up making his game first since they are all more-or-less interchangeable. 
Leon is a teenage boy who was orphaned at birth, his skin olive-brown and covered with intricate markings that span from horned head to clawed toe. Unlike Artemis, Leon can’t hide his curse, and is known by most everyone in existence as “The Marked One”. When Arai was cursed and imprisoned, her very form was confined to a Mortal one, cursing the bloodline of the one that struck the killing blow to bear her soul and aspect until the day the spell was broken. At first, the Marked One was a being of great honor and respect, however, after the most recent incarnation, it fell to being hated a despised. Leon was unfortunate enough to have been born with this curse, and now, with his gentle heart, suffers the sins of his ancestors and is cursed to a life of torment by his fellow man. Some would call it a blessing when a kindly old man found the baby Leon deep in a dark forest, raising him as his own son, and others would call it damnation, forcing the boy to live when the sweet release of death would have been a far more humane fate. No matter who you ask, both would tell you that Leon suffered because of it.
Rena (Third game)

I very much like this character most of all, if only because I’ve done so much specific work on her story.
Rena is a young girl, we begin her story when she was but twelve years old and eeking out an existence as a starving thief. No family to speak of, Rena spent her days hiding in the shadows and cutting the purse of any who were foolish enough not to be clinging to it while she was around. It was only one fateful day that she would meet her future mentor and the one who would save her life: Cilus. A middle aged swordsman who spent his younger days honing his craft and sinning like no other all over the continent. After beating some sense and discipline into the young Rena, and Rena giving the old man a reason to live, the two became inseparable and lived out a number of adventures before settling down with an old friend of Cilus’s, only to be cast back into conflict shortly after.
The Five Dragon Gods and the Allfather will undoubtedly be covered and have dialogue, there are also over 20 critical characters associated with Artemis's storyline and all have depth to them, there are a number of co-mains characters that exist beside each character and typically travel with them wherever they go, each of the three main characters has at least one co-main that will be with them from start to finish.[/spoiler]
I don't have any real, concrete settings down yet, I know it won't be a side-battle system or a turn by turn thing. It's most likely going to be an ARPG or a sidescroller with open world map travelling outside of levels. It won't be as open world and customizeable as I want it to be but it will be rich with story and depth, I may even decide to change the battle mechanics around anyways so no sense in getting set with a single idea. 


I DO know, however, that I'll be using RMXP and self-made ruby scripts.

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Forums still exist?

They haven't all gone extinct? That's news to me. XD


My name is FlyTrap. Nice to finally meet you, hope to make some friends. 

I mostly test games, I'm not one to make my own. Add me if you want~

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Lottery System for RPG Maker VX Ace

This is a lottery system for one of my games that I've been spending a lot of time trying to get right.  After several incarnations, I finally got it to a point where I think it works.  I have decided to share this with the community, so you can use it in your games as well.  


This system was created using only events.  No scripting was done to make this.  Let me know what your guys think of what I did with it.



4 different games to play, Low, Medium, High, and Jackpot.  Each game gives out different payouts depending on what you play and what you match. 


Varying payouts.  You never win the same amount twice when playing the same game, unless you match one or all 5 numbers.  


Jackpot mode allows a lot of money to be had if you play the right numbers.  



Critisim is welcome.  Don't be afraid to tell me it sucks.  Personally, I think it's good.



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GDU Copyrights???

Asked Marked if there are any copyrights on GDU for the resources I should be aware of besides the ones stated with the resource. He told me to post a topic somewhere on this, so here I go.


I (and probably lots of others) have downloaded resources on GDU, but I'm not seeing many credentials I need to give out. Like there is Luz who made a bunch of icons that I used and gave her credits because she asked. But when I go into the battler and other pictures, I'm not seeing any credentials to give, nor anything saying about being able to use them in a commercial game. So I'm just wondering if the phrase "Resources to use in your game" means that whatever people post in it can be used in commercial games without any problems from the creator of the content unless stated rules.



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Script Review

This might not fit here, and I apologize if it doesn't, but I have a special request.  I am in the process of building a game with a long since built idea which I've turned into what I believe to be the best rendition I could think of.  I have a script (meaning screenplay, not a ruby script) finished for the main story, and I wish to request someone proofread it.  


I am basically looking for the following:


Does the screenplay make sense?


Do I describe my world well enough that you are not left scratching your head?


Is it easy to follow?


I'm trying to achieve a rich history with potential for multiple games within the universe I've made.  Does anyone wish to proofread my script?

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Hello again.

It's been a few years, as I've had to take time away from making games to focus on my personal life, as I was doing this as an excuse instead of actually doing something with my life.  


But I am returning now after being gone for a while, with the hope I can finish the games I've been keeping on the back burner forever.  

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School has hit me harder than puberty hit SammyClassicSonicFan.

I'm trying to work on Prophet Sword the best I can, but it's been so hard trying to make a well structured story/atmosphere.

I refuse to add any people to help me with my game. I plan to do this independently, and will ALWAYS do this independently. I have a reason for doing this, but right now, please bear with me.

I have no new updates for Prophet Sword, count that it's going to be this way for a good while.

If you have any questions, slide them over to

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Missable items and other frustrating things in RPGs

Rant time!


Please do not put missable items in your games. I want to be able to reach the final boss before I even try to 100% everything. Starting a new game just to get some cool equipment isn't worth it. That's one of my biggest issues with FF7 tbh.

If you're going to have a missable item, it should be something you can get an infinite amount of anyway, at least by the end of the game. And every single piece of equipment that isn't infinite should NOT be sellable at all. Just setting the sell value to 1 to discourage selling it isn't enough. I used to blindly sell things in RPGs I wasn't using until I sold a few things I shouldn't have. Really annoying that that's even possible.

And unrevisitable locations should be kept to a minimum. The only reason a location should be unrevisitable is if it's destroyed or the protagonist's goal throughout the game is to go back there. And if the unrevisitable location had an item that's not in infinite supply by the end of the game, or if the destruction of the location prevents a side quest from being started or completed, then there's a problem.
And giving bosses stealable items that can't be obtained any other way (unless you can re-fight bosses) is stupid too.

Anyone else agree with this?

RPGs also need to have boss rematches so you can fight stronger versions of bosses as many times as you want for awesome loot.

And if dungeons, especially the "final" ones, could all have shortcuts that lead straight to the final boss if the player has already gotten to it once, that would be great.

Save points should be right next to bosses and I shouldn't have to backtrack through all of Northern Crater to get to the airship >.>

And Xenosaga Ep. 2 and 3 are even worse. Ep. 1 is a little better, but still frustrating.


And now some examples...


In Xenosaga Episode 1, the best grinding spot is deep inside a dungeon about halfway through the game. It's easy to leave, but there's no quick way to get there. There are a couple shortcuts in the final dungeon, but it's still annoying trying to get to the final boss if you've already done it and no "take me home" button like there is when revisiting old dungeons since, in those games, they're simulations.

Ep. 2 is annoying anyway and picking the game up after having not played it for a while is really hard since you'll probably have forgotten every enemy's weakness and get your ass kicked by everything.

Ep. 3's best grinding spot is right outside the final dungeon, which isn't that big of a deal, but it's a boring trek back to the ship and an annoying one to the final boss with the strongest enemies in the game in the way that can still be a challenge when you're level 65...not to mention when in that wonderful grinding spot, the fights are pretty stupid since you're not even using your characters, just your mechs. Luckily the enemies are really weak, but it's still stupid.


FF7's best grinding spot is partway through the final dungeon, which for some reason gives you 1 save point that you can place anywhere, but can't pick up and getting back to the airship is annoying with all the random encounters. At least in Xenosaga, there are no random encounters and some enemies can be easily avoided.


FFX's best grinding spot is luckily the only place worth being in the post-game, it's easy to get no encounters equipment, and the final dungeon has enough save points, so no real problems there...except I hate that part where you have to collect 10 crystals before fighting the final boss.


Kingdom Hearts does it well since you can just kinda spawn at most save points and leave a world from them too.


Pokemon actually does this stuff correctly.

Can save anywhere, can use dig or an escape rope to get out of caves quickly, can revisit any location, and no item is lost forever. And one of a kind items are rare and usually just key items anyway.


This stuff doesn't only apply to RPGs though...

In Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, after getting to Ganondorf, his castle just becomes "run up the stairs, knock on the door, wreck his shit"

But in Metroid Prime, getting through that final area of the game is a huge pain, especially considering the closest save point to the final boss is at the start of the, relatively short, but still equally frustrating, final dungeon.



I understand the need to add a challenge, but sometimes the developer's idea of a challenge seems to be "as annoying as possible."

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